Slow down.  Re-imagine.  Live better.
Crescent Bay
Off Grid.
Beyond Sustainable.

A Better Way Forward

Can our houses generate more energy than they consume?
Can our food be produced in a way that leaves the land and soil healthier than it began?
Can we learn something from traditional cultures without going ‘backward’?

We say Yes!

Beyond Sustainable.  Regenerative.

Join us as we’re creating spaces to answer these questions.  From unconventional and sustainable housing, to wilderness and cultural experiences and outdoor retreats, we’re creating abundance with nature and culture.  We reject blind consumerism and unquestioned progress. 

Come stay with us

Experience the unconventional


Radical Sustainability, Spectacular Scenery.


Tiny House

Historic. Cozy. Handcrafted.


Crescent Bay

Yurt, Treehouse, Camping


Historic Wood House

Spectacular views. Explore Olympic National Park.


Wild Beauty. Enticing Extremes

Our places are diverse expressions of possibility in unique natural settings. They combine enticing extremes — snow capped mountains, temperate rainforest, and high-altitude desert.

Endless Adventure. Authentic Experiences.

At the end of the day, it’s people, experiences and choices that are the most important things in life. We want to help you find them.

Radical Sustainability

Our Earthship in Taos is a radically sustainable house that exists in the extreme conditions of the high-altitude desert completely off the grid. Built mainly from recycled and salvaged materials, it provides electricity, water, heating and cooling and even food using only renewable sources and ingeniously simple designs. We invite you to experience a modern life based on regenerative principles.

Who we are

We spend a lot of our time traveling and exploring new places and ideas. We’ve made our lives about the spaces we live in, the food we eat, the communities we build, and our relationship with the natural world.

Jason is originally from Chicago and spends his time working on sustainable housing and doing ecologically restorative land development in the western US.

Doro is originally from Germany and has lived in many different countries. She is an anthropological linguist and studies and documents Indigenous languages in Australia and the US.


Transformative Experiences

This was an amazing one of a kind experience!
RyanAustin, TX
What a magical place! The scenery was beautiful and the nights lit up with more stars than I've ever seen!
MaggieChicago, IL
The Earthship is a truly unique and magical experience -- I'd absolutely love to stay again!
AllysonDenver, CO