2018 has been a whirlwind year and something of a blur. Our travels have taken us throughout Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, and all over the United States, even Alaska.

Travels 2018
Travels to Alaska, New Zealand, Australia and Italy

We’ve tried to live smart, move slow, and stay present throughout the year, and to consider the impacts of our travels on the larger community and ecosystems we interact with.

We started the year in Australia, living out of “William Jolly” – our amazing expedition equipped Toyota Hilux for a couple months, then another month in New Zealand in a small campervan, the “Jolly-rancher”. After returning to Chicago, we found our next home-on-the-road, a 1989 16’ Scamp camper, dubbed the “Jolly-Bean”. We drove up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to pick it up, then proceeded cross country through blizzards and hail to get home to Port Angeles, WA.

All the Jollys
All the Jollies


After that were stops in Taos, NM to look in on the Earthship and a wonderful gathering of our tribe during the annual Peak Prosperity retreat in Sebastopol, CA. During the peak rental season in Port Angeles, we hit the road for a natural building workshop with EcoNest in Ashland, OR.

All the travel hasn’t left much time to sit back and reflect, but this year has been all about re-making our lives after uprooting everything last year. I’ve written about why I made the decision to leave the security and comfort of my job and old life behind, and I’ve tried to reflect on our motivations and goals:

  1. On Permaculture and living an examined life – thoughts on how to transition to a more meaningful, purpose driven life
  2. Betting against the odds – a reflection on life one year after leaving my 20-year career and home
  3. Taking action against the odds – how to move from thought to action.  What actions can change a system you’re a part of.
  4. We’re building a House! – building a house is about much more than just construction.  it’s about changing how we interact with the world
  5. We’re building a house – part 2 – a personal reflection of how I got to the point of choosing such a radically non-conventional approach to building a house
  6. We need more artists, fewer scientists – a rant about fake news, facts, living in denial, and a call for artists, creators, philosophers, builders, storytellers who are challenging denial and changing beliefs.

And, a year-in-review wouldn’t be complete without some data! This year, we:

  • Hosted 151 guests for 399 nights via Airbnb
  • Maintained our 5-star average with 250 reviews
  • Had our earthship featured in a major magazine as the best wellness destination in New Mexico!
  • Were interviewed by Airbnb magazine – look for the article early 2019

Next year, we’re upping our game and taking our mission to new levels with more activism, education, a new building project, workshops, and hosting.

We’re doing what we can to respond to the mounting problems in the intersection of ecological and economic (un)sustainability. Our mission at 180 forward is to learn, teach, and inspire others to think beyond sustainable towards regenerative ways of living.

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