How much more can Tongariro take? On hiking a “must-do” trail in New Zealand

When you get the chance to travel to New Zealand, expectations are high. You imagine the incredible Lord of the Rings landscape – lonely, vast, spectacular.  You imagine snow-capped peaks and rainforests, cheeky wildlife and lots of sheep. You imagine … Read More

Visiting Zaytuna Farm

Ok, without thinking: What comes to mind when you picture Australia? Quick! Red earth, desert, a great rock in the middle of nowhere, beaches, the great reef, the Opera House …. Ok, nice. Let’s stop here for now. Do you … Read More

How to eat well on the road

  We’ve been traveling across Australia in our rooftop tent Hilux for a few months and are starting to reflect on what life is like when constantly in motion. While on the road, we compromise on a lot of things … Read More

How we got here

It’s December 2017, the snow is falling thickly back in Chicago, temperatures plummeting to windchill advisory levels, people rushing to buy last minute Christmas gifts… We are not participating this year. We are on the other side of the world … Read More