Jason’s 2018 Writings:

  1. On Permaculture and living an examined life – thoughts on how to transition to a more meaningful, purpose driven life
  2. Betting against the odds – a reflection on life one year after leaving my 20-year career and home
  3. Taking action against the odds – how to move from thought to action.  What actions can change a system you’re a part of.
  4. We’re building a House! – building a house is about much more than just construction.  it’s about changing how we interact with the world
  5. We’re building a house – part 2 – a personal reflection of how I got to the point of choosing such a radically non-conventional approach to building a house
  6. We need more artists, fewer scientists – a rant about fake news, facts, living in denial, and a call for artists, creators, philosophers, builders, storytellers who are challenging denial and changing beliefs.
  7. 2018 Year-In-Review

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